Germany's “Strategy for Humanitarian Aid Abroad” for the years 2019 - 2023 now online


Berlin, July 2019 - At the beginning of April, the Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) had presented its new “Strategy for Humanitarian Aid Abroad” for the years 2019 - 2023 at a public event. You can now download the document online.

German Humanitarian Assistance - Deutsche humanitäre Hilfe
German Humanitarian Assistance - Deutsche humanitäre Hilfe© German Federal Foreign Office - Auswärtiges Amt

Taking into account Germany’s significantly expanded humanitarian engagement as well as increased humanitarian needs and challenges for humanitarian actors worldwide, the strategy explains how and in which focal areas Germany will work within the international humanitarian system in the next 5 years.

The document lays out how Germany intends to act as a principled donor and which thematic areas will be focused on.

Among the priorities identified in the strategy are humanitarian assistance in the context of forced displacement as well as cash and anticipatory humanitarian assistance.

Furthermore, it discusses funding approaches and practices of the GFFO.

The strategy also addresses specific topics relevant to the humanitarian system which Germany will actively explore and develop in the next few years.

These include

  • improving humanitarian access,
  • promoting innovation in humanitarian assistance and
  • building on existing commitments to increase the attention for forgotten humanitarian crises.

The English version of the strategy can be accessed via https://www.auswaertigesamt.de/blob/282228/3cfd87de36f30bb61eed542249997631/strategie-huhi-englisch-data.pdf

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