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In order to achieve a world without hunger by 2030 with the sustainable development goals SDG 2 (“Zero Hunger”) and SDG 17 (“Partnerships”), humanitarian aid must be interlinked with innovation.

WFP Innovation Accelerator
WFP Innovation Accelerator© WFP

The Innovation Accelerator of the World Food Programme (WFP) supports start-ups and innovators to implement their ideas for a world without hunger.

It was launched in Munich in 2016.
The Accelerator brings together WFP staff, experts from the science community and representatives of the private sector and the civil society in order to jointly develop and refine solutions.
The focus is on the needs of the people who suffer from hunger. Therefore, all projects are tested in practice at an early stage in the form of pilot projects.
The benefit of this is that results about their impact can be obtained quickly, while costs remain as low as possible.

Background Information

The Innovation Accelerator is financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Federal Foreign Office and the Bavarian Government.

Through the Innovation Accelerator, WFP seeks to build new partnerships with the private sector (e.g. METRO), civil society and research (e.g. acatech).

So why was Munich chosen as the location?

Bernhard Kowatsch, head of the WFP Innovation Accelerator, says.

In Munich we have found a good innovation network. This is exactly what we need: Top universities, research centers, large companies with visions and a distinctive founder scene with many companies from the start-up scene. One of the decisive factors was Munich Airport's good connections to international traffic routes.

Read more about this: https://innovation.wfp.org/

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