German EU Council Presidency wants to combat corona and tackle future issues


The German EU Council Presidency from 1 July is repositioning itself. The German government wants to promote the fight against the virus and economic reconstruction in Europe.

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At the same time, progress in climate protection, digitisation and the EU budget must not be lost sight of.

Corona in focus but key priorities retained: It was under these circumstances that the Federal Cabinet discussed the new orientation of the EU Council Presidency.

For Foreign Minister Maas it is clear:

There are great expectations of Germany assuming this leading role as an honest broker.  The guiding principle is clear: European integration is to be strengthened by the Corona crisis.

The Corona Agenda is long and pressing: it concerns the exit strategy, economic recovery in Europe and the strengthening of social cohesion. The Federal Government wants to draw the right conclusions from the pandemic and make Europe more resilient.

For Europe to recover economically, two things are important: in addition to the stabilization measures now underway, a major package for economic and social recovery through an adjusted EU budget and a reconstruction fund is needed.

Corona does not let the strategic question of the future fade into the background; on the contrary: climate protection and digitisation remain at the top of the Presidency's agenda.

The future relationship with Great Britain must also be clarified by the end of 2020 if possible - a major challenge in view of the wealth of unresolved issues.

Background Information

Germany's efforts are closely linked to the agenda of the EU Commission. In the coming weeks, the Commission will present its revised work programme, an important basis for setting out Germany's plans.

Together with Slovenia and Portugal, Germany will also form a so-called trio presidency of the EU from July.

In view of the Corona crisis, the trio presidency will also have to adapt considerably and prioritise more strongly.

Crisis management needs to be optimised and the economic recovery needs to be accelerated in cooperation.

(Source: Federal Foreign Office)

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