The German government presents logos of the German EU Presidency


Berlin, 29 May 2020 - Germany will preside over the Council of the European Union for six months from 1 July. The Federal Government presented motto, Internet presence and logo for the Presidency.

Logo for German's EU-Council Presidency
Logo for German's EU-Council Presidency© Federal Foreign Office

Introducing the logo and website of the German EU Presidency, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said:

From 1 July we will start the German EU Presidency with a clear mandate: 'Together. Making Europe strong again'.

Leading Europe out of the crisis - this task will determine our Presidency. We will accept it and have an enormous amount of work in all dimensions of the Union on our table: boosting the economy, strengthening internal cohesion and acting in unison externally.

We want to put our Presidency at the service of the European cause, as a driving force and an honest broker . Tackling the Corona crisis is both an imperative and an opportunity - we must grow even closer together with our partner countries, more solidly united internally, stronger externally and more confidently.

Our confidence in the creative power of Europe is also reflected in the logo of our Council Presidency, with the Möbius strip at its centre: a strong bond for a united Europe.

Background information

On 1 July Germany will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months - for the 13th time in all. Germany last held the EU Council Presidency in the first half of 2007.

The German Presidency also marks the beginning of a new “trio presidency” in association with Portugal and Slovenia.

Together we will work on an eighteen-month programme to which the six-month programmes of our respective Council presidencies will be aligned.

At the centre of the German Presidency logo is a Möbius strip: a loop-shaped geometric object with only one edge and one surface. No matter where you start and in which direction, the Möbius strip always merges into itself. There are only apparently two surfaces.

The ribbon symbolizes an integrative and innovative Europe in which the most diverse people and interests come together to form a common whole. A Europe of unity and solidarity.

With the web presence eu2020.de there is a communication platform that makes all topics concerning the German EU Council Presidency centrally accessible. Here, current developments, events and press releases are compiled in an informative, clear and transparent manner.

In addition to the social media channels of the Council Presidency, the platform aims to encourage a broad European public to participate.

(Source: Federal Foreign Office)

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