FACT SHEET - The Germany - IFAD Partnership


Rome, September 2020 - Germany and IFAD place small-scale farmers and rural people – especially women and youth – at the heart of their development priorities for achieving a world with no hunger (Sustainable Development Goal [SDG] 2).

Factsheet - The Germany - IFAD Partnership
Factsheet - The Germany - IFAD Partnership© IFAD

This is reflected in the following shared strategic priorities:

  • achieving food and nutrition security, particularly in Africa
  • making small-scale farmers more resilient through adaptation to the challenges of climate change and fragility
  • creating opportunities for rural youth employment, including by promoting increased investments by the private sector.

Germany’s constructive leadership has facilitated fundamental reforms to make IFAD fit for purpose by enabling it to engage with the private sector and supporting a prudent and sustainable financial strategy.

(Source: ifad.org)

Background Information

An international financial institution and a United Nations specialized agency, IFAD is dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger in developing countries.

The Fund is one of the largest sources of financing for agriculture and rural development in the world’s poorest countries.


IFAD uses voluntary contributions, which are pledged for three years at a time (replenishment rounds).

The 12th replenishment round (IFAD12) covers the period 2022-2024.

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