50th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 


Rome, October 10-13, 2022 - This week, the 50th Plenary Assembly of the CFS takes place at the FAO headquarters.

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At CFS 50, the Plenary will endorse two key policy products:

  • the Voluntary Guidelines on Gender Equality and Women's
  • Girls' Empowerment and the Policy Recommendations on Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Agriculture and Food Systems.

Additionally, CFS 50 will discuss

  • the 2022 State of Food Security and Nutrition report,
  • review the work of CFS and its HLPE toward 2030,
  • and kickstart the workstream on data collection and analysis for food security and nutrition.

Read more: https://www.fao.org/cfs/plenary/cfs50/en/

Background Information

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is the central international and intergovernmental platform for fighting world hunger and ensuring world food security.

The CFS was established in 1974 as an intergovernmental body and steering committee of FAO and reformed in 2009 to become a multistakeholder committee.

Within the CFS, government representatives, representatives of international organizations, and stakeholders from UN organizations, civil society, science, and the private sector jointly develop strategies and voluntary guidelines.

These pursue the goal of fighting hunger and securing food worldwide, as well as promoting the human right to food.

CFS plays an important role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Through its work and products, it supports the implementation of SDG 2 “Zero Hunger” and promotes policy coherence at the national Level.

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