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Berlin, 24 May 2023 - Earlier today, the report of the “National Dialogue on Food Systems” was handed over to the Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), Dr. Ophelia Nick.

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The German government has made good progress in promoting climate-friendly and environmentally sound food systems. 

This is shown by the final report on the “National Dialogue on Food Systems”, which was received today by Dr. Ophelia Nick, Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). 
In addition, the report provides valuable impetus that should now accelerate key government processes such as the nutrition strategy.

The report also makes suggestions for further shaping the transformation processes - for example, how the “true costs” of products can be better determined. 

In addition, the report provides guidance for the political management of transformation processes, such as the currently planned introduction of animal labeling, for example through participatory monitoring.

he results of the final report will now be incorporated into various processes of the German government, where they will be discussed further with regard to

  • the preparation of the transformation report on sustainable agricultural and food systems, which is to be adopted by the federal cabinet at the beginning of next year, 
  • the German government's food strategy 
  • the National Strategy for 30 Percent Ecological Agriculture and Food Management by 2030, and 
  • the National Biomass Strategy (NABIS).

Background Information

The Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in Bonn, whose outgoing president Dr. Hanns-Christoph Eiden handed over the report to the state secretary, organized the dialog process on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food. 

The broad-based dialogue was launched as a national follow-up to the UN World Summit on Food Systems (UN Food System Summit) in New York in September 2021. 

Under the heading “Feeding sustainably together”, a good 1,600 experts from the German agricultural and food sector spent almost a year discussing the further transformation of the agricultural and food sector.

At the international level, the results will be part of the German contribution to the first stocktaking of the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome in July 2023.

(Source: BMEL press release)

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