Germany as a donor country - Fighting hunger together with WFP


WFP relies entirely on voluntary contributions. Governments are the most important donors because WFP does not receive a fixed UN budget. The German government has been one of WFP's most important partners for years.

Cooperation Germany - WFP
Cooperation Germany - WFP© WFP / AA

Germany is one of the largest donors to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and supports the work of the world's largest humanitarian organisation with significant grants.

For many years, the German government has been helping WFP to save millions of lives in crises and disasters.

At the same time, Germany is supporting the WFP development programmes in eliminating the causes of hunger in particular.

Thanks to many years of cooperation, confidence in the work of the WFP has grown steadily: While Germany supported WFP with 46.5 million US dollars in 2003, the figure rose to 854 million US dollars in 2018.

Together, Germany and WFP have helped millions of starving people worldwide.

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Deutsche Beitragszahlungen
Deutsche Beitragszahlungen© WFP

Many countries, institutions, organizations, companies and individuals contribute funds to WFP every year.

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