Germany's humanitarian commitment to Gaza and the West Bank


Berlin, March 2024 - Since October 2023, the German government has increased humanitarian funding for the civilian population in Gaza by a good EUR 160 million to around EUR 240 million to date.

Hilfsgüter für Gaza
Hilfsgüter für Gaza© Dominik Butzmann/AA/photothek.de

It therefore remains the largest humanitarian donor to the Palestinian territories, even during the crisis.

Germany's commitment is based on three pillars:

  • Intensive humanitarian diplomacy to quickly and permanently create the conditions for humanitarian aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip;
  • Extensive provision of humanitarian assistance via the United Nations and the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement;
  • Bilateral support in the region.

1. Humanitarian diplomacy

As part of her crisis diplomacy and in her talks in the region, but also within the European Union, the G7 and other multilateral formats, Foreign Minister Baerbock repeatedly makes it clear:

Because every human life is equally valuable, we will stand up for every human life.

In addition, career diplomat Deike Potzel was appointed Germany's Special Envoy for Humanitarian Assistance in the Near and Middle East.

The special envoy's commitment is part of the international efforts to alleviate the humanitarian emergency for the civilian population in Gaza.

2. Humanitarian assistance implemented through our international partners

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unfolding under the most difficult conditions. It is crucial to provide substantial support to the United Nations and international aid organizations so that they can provide needs-based and closely coordinated assistance in Gaza.

The rapid increase in funding ensured that, for example, large quantities of relief supplies, including food, were available at the beginning of the humanitarian ceasefire in November 2023 and were able to reach the Gaza Strip quickly.

Since then, large quantities of medical supplies, hygiene products and large tents have been delivered to Gaza.

The Federal Foreign Office is supporting the humanitarian aid measures in Gaza and the West Bank on the basis of the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and the Flash Appeal for Gaza.

3. Bilateral supports

Germany supports the international commitment with targeted individual contributions and bilateral cooperation.

It provides Egypt and Jordan with medical equipment and materials, e.g. for the care of patients from Gaza.

Transportation is carried out via special flights by the German Armed Forces and EU-coordinated flights.

The cargo also includes relief supplies for emergency shelters.

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